Does the practice of surrender make you a lazy unambitious sloth?

A reader asked an awesome question after reading my post about my adventures in surrendering: What happens to our ambition when we surrender?

Instead of replying to the comment, I promised a blog post instead — because that question has been on my mind quite a bit as well. I’m grateful that I was reminded to dive in a bit deeper on this topic and decided to use it for my first video blog in a new series called Pursuit of Happier.

I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear what you think. Do you find conflict between ambition and surrender? Or do you feel they live in harmony? How have you explored the idea of going with the flow of life while going after what you want to achieve?

One thought on “Does the practice of surrender make you a lazy unambitious sloth?

  1. Nataly, Great post, thank you for sharing. I continue reading the book too…will contribute when the time is right. So far, my favorite part in the book is how he started teaching classes at community college with an intention of having no plans and most importantly calming his mind….that approachmight be handy in Tuscany… The hardest part to believe is how he allowed smb to build a hut on his property. Philosophical/religious parallel is when Abraham was ready to sacrify his son because he was guided to do it…

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 3:30 pm. I’ll bring drafts (3 questions) and scarfs.

    Let’s talk about your b/day plans too if you wish. Also I looked into Joana Benevides web site, she is very impressive – looking forward to meeting her on Mon, Nov. 9th.


    Irina Gorbman Fine Art 508-739-0805 studio 508-494-9772 cell/txt 12 Abbott Road, Dover MA 02030

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