Confession: I used to think practicing gratitude to become happier was ridiculous.

When I started to read research about the positive and long-term impact that gratitude has on our happiness and health, my first reaction was to dismiss it. Almost entirely.

I’d just worked my butt off for 15 years of one achievement and success after another and didn’t find happiness, so keeping a gratitude journal was going to do it?


But I was absolutely miserable — and exhausted from all the pushing, fighting, working harder, running faster, doing more, more, more, because on the other side of all these achievements there HAD to be happiness! (There wasn’t.)

So I decided to give gratitude a try. I set it up like an experiment that would probably fail and then I could feel like I was smart and right.

What happened was something completely and entirely different, and I share my experience in this article, which is featuring this week, in time for Thanksgiving, the grand puba of gratitude days.

I hope you give a read and I hope that if your inner skeptic doubts the power of gratitude like I did, you find a way to distract him or her long enough for you to try it.

(Spoiler alert: It can change your life.)


2 thoughts on “Confession: I used to think practicing gratitude to become happier was ridiculous.

  1. I read your article on Time. Good findings indeed. My most favorite paragraphs though were the first 2 ones. It reminded me the inspirational stories of Ivo Ivanov from “Curve of Happiness” – I think it’s published only in Bulgarian as “Кривата на щастието”.

    Greetings! 🙂

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